Before starting to build the climbing frame or module, please take out the instructions manual from the box and read the information on safety, and check that all the items are present.

1. We would recommend a couple of "Quick Grip clamps" to help you build your climbing frame as these can hold the boards/beams in place as you fit them and means you can do much of the build on your own. 2 x 12" clamps, very useful!! If not, have a helpful pair of hands to build it with you.


2. An electric drill as well as a battery powered drill. The electric drill will have more power than a battery powered drill to drive in the large construction bolts. Use the battery drill for driving the screws.

3. A saw, although we cut the timber to length according to the cutting list there will be one or two bits that need cutting during the build process.

4. When building, if on a slightly uneven site construct the tower first and then position and level by removing the soil from under the boards, until the frame is level. This saves in a lot of work trying to get the whole site completely level.

5. If you are putting down a play surface, place the membrane down first then the frame and finally the safer surface. If you drop things into the surface while building the frame they can be a nightmare to find. 

6. If building the frame on grass, mow the grass short before you build on it as again it can be a nightmare to find things in long grass if you drop them.

7. Concreting the ground anchors into the ground: We recommend using Post Fix or Postcrete, found in any building yard or DIY store. Once you make the hole about 1 spade deep and wide, pour water in, and then add 1/4 of the Post Fix bag in each hole. It doesn't require mixing, it is instant. That should be it!!

8. If you are building towers with modules, always read the module instructions before building the tower, to see how the module connect to that particular tower. This will save you time as you might not need to build the tower completely.

9. Do not over tighten the fixings.

10. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us while building the play equipment.

11.If the grass doesn't grow well in the area, you might want to use some rubber grass mats to cushion the fall area.

12. We know it might be difficult, but try to keep children away from the area you are building the climbing frame, it will speed up the process a lot!

These Tips are speaking from experience and we hope you enjoy building your Climbing Frame and your children get years of fun from them!

 13. We recomment to use a ready mix to concrete the ground anchors into the ground. There are several on the market: Postmix, Postcrete, Postfix, and can be purchased at any DIY stores. Please see below a rough guide.