Climbing Frames

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALTHOUGH THE CURRENT SITUATION WITH COVID-19 WE ARE OPERATING AS NORMAL AND THERE ARE NO DELAYS WITH PRODUCTS IN STOCK. There are some products out of stock still and re-stocking dates or delivery dates are still not guaranteed

Our ranges are for RESIDENTIAL USE and DIY but we can offer professional installation service if required. A comprehensive range of great quality climbing frames at excellent prices. The brands we supply include Blue Rabbit, Jungle Gym, Action, All Out Play and Hyland commercial playgrounds. Click on the Read More button for a short description of each brand.


Our range of climbing frames include:


Extensive and colourful brand of sturdy climbing frames, always bringing new additions to this fantastic range. There are around 20 towers to choose from and various modules to create fantastic combinations, such as climb module, swing module, bridge module, picnic module, market module, playhouse module, boat module, train module, rock module, etc.

Our website is full on information about this range, and examples of towers or combinations.

Also with a range of playhouses to grow with your child: you can start with the playhouse at ground level and add a raised platform at a later stage, when the children are over 3 years old. There is a classic playhouse version and a crazy, crooked one, that will look amazing in your garden.

There are also some great offers and items on sale which make this a very popular brand, click here



blue rabbit climbing frames

This range is also full of colour and great value for money, with sturdy towers that allow you to choose different accessories and modules to customise your climbing frame.

With a range of ramps, climbing walls, bridge, metal climber, swing modules and slides, you can creat a fanstastic feature for your garden.

This range has towers with low platform for children up to 5 years old, and in most towers you can choose the platform height either 1.20 or 1.50m for children up to 10 years old.

The new BR2.0 range has been extremely popular, especially with the Penthouse tower (three platform heights and plenty of climbing in one tower) and the new Challenger climb module, with space for two swings. The Blue Rabbit range offers the NEST swing, another extremely popular item, for 2-3 children swinging at the same time.


HY-LAND CLIMBING FRAMES - ALSO FOR COMMERCIAL USE:hy land commercial climbing frames

This is a very attractive and sturdy commercial range that due to its price, is also suitable for residential gardens.

Their designs are not so versatile, but there is still 12 different combinations to choose from, plus a swing module, with 2 rubber seats and chains. 

The new Q range comes with big inclined climbing walls and reinforced metal ropes. The classic projects P come with vertical ladders and climbing walls, plus sandpits under the towers.

Extremely popular with commercial settings like pubs, restaurants, nurseries, schools, and playgrounds. This range also comes as a DIY project, making commercial playgrounds more affordable.



This range captures the attention of children and adults with the fantastic looking castles, forts and rockets!

The playhouses are also modular and the range has plenty of towers, forts and castles to choose from, and modules such as swings, monkey bars, climbing walls, firemans pole, slides etcl, to create great combinations.

The playhouses come pre-built in panels which are easy to install. The manufactuers offer an installation service too.

This range is designed and built in England.

All timber is presure treated and the fixings are stainless steel.

All Out Play also do a range of commercial and residential sandpits. 




If you are thinking of using your DIY skills to design and build your own play centre, we can supply all the necessary accessories you might need such as rocks, handles, bolt caps, swing corners, swing hooks, swing seats, fireman's pole, gym bars, etc.

We keep stock of most of the items on the range, and if there is something you cannot find, please look on and we can bring any items to order.


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  1. Installation service

  2. Jungle Gym Tower T4...


     The smallest tower in the range, it has no roof, and comes with low platform, short slide, ladder and sandpit.

    Still can take some modules like swing, climb module, train module.

  3. Jungle Gym Peak T40...

  4. Jungle Gym Hut T401100


     Nice size tower with small platform, short slide, ladder and vinyl roof.

    Sandpit included under the tower.

    The biggest tower from the towers with short slide

  5. Jungle Gym Club T40...


     Small tower with low platform and short slide.

    Ladder at an angle on the side, and sandpit under the platform.

  6. Jungle Gym Casa T4...


     A very popular tower, with a low platform, short slide, and compact (vertical ladder and slide on the front).

    Sandpit below the platform.

    Ideal to combine with modules like the train, boat, bridge module, climb module or swing module.

  7. Blue Rabbit Deckswi...

  8. Jungle Gym Home T40...


     Small tower, compact with vertical ladder and short slide at the front. Ideal for small gardens.

    Comes with sandpit too.

  9. Jungle Gym House T4...


     Small tower with low platform and short slide.

    Includes a step ladder and sandpit.

    Ideal for small gardens

  10. Jungle Gym Cottage ...


     Great tower, compact but with a high platform and a long slide. 

    At a great price, can be combined with plenty of modules to create a fun play area.

    Includes wooden roof, ladder, long slide and sandpit.

  11. Blue Rabbit Cascade...

    Wooden tower with ramp and slide, 2 platforms You can choose platform height: 0.6 and 0.9 or 0.9 and 1.20cm
  12. Blue Rabbit Kiosk w...

    Tower with sandpit, wooden roof, ladder and slide.
  13. Jungle Gym Castle T...

  14. Jungle Gym Lodge T4...


     Great tower with a nice size platform, ladder, rope ladder and long slide.

    Sandpit included.

    Vinyl roof

  15. Blue Rabbit Cascade...

    Wooden tower with ramp and slide, 2 platforms You can choose platform height: 0.6 and 0.9 or 0.9 and 1.20cm
  16. Jungle Gym Shelter ...

  17. Jungle Gym Cabin T4...

  18. Blue Rabbit Belvede...

    Wooden tower with a big climbing wall, ladder, slide and sandpit. You can choose platform height: 120cm or 150cm
  19. Jungle Gym Villa T4...


     One of the most popular towers for including a lot of climbing as standard and at a great price.

    Includes a domed vinyl roof, which turns the platform into a den. If you prefer a wooden roof please look into our Villa Wooden Roof option.

    Comes with a nice size platform in one level, ladder at an angle, long slide, rock wall, rope ladder and climbing rope. If you add the fireman's pole it becomes the ultimate play frame!

    Sandpit included.


  20. Jungle Gym Chalet T...


     One of our most popular towers, with a big platform in one level, gives you a huge sandpit or space for really spacious playhouse module.

    Includes ladder and slide, and 3 sides to combine with modules, making this tower perfect to create a big combo.

Items 1 to 20 of 125 total

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