Hy-Land Climbing Frames



Ideal for use in hotels, pubs, farm shops, nurseries, restaurants, caravan parks, holiday cottages, or in any space where attracting families and give children a fun place to play is a must!

Excellent quality at fantastic prices. Come with full easy to follow instructions for self-installation. INSTALLATION SERVICE AVAILABLE.

OUR SWING SETS AND MODULE PRICES INCLUDE GROUND ANCHORS, as they are necessary but not included in the kits as standard anymore.



Delivery within 2-3 weeks depending on location.

All prices include UK Mainlad delivery.                                                                                                                        


Also included in the range, swing attachment and free standing swing sets.


Are you planning a new and affordable solution for a children’s playgroundA compact tower or a large playground structure?

Hy-land provides a large range of Projects to turn your available space into a unique and challenging playground.

Hy-land‘s biggest Project can accommodate up to 12 children at a time. Any Hy-land playground is robust and durable.

Smartly designed and easily installed due to its modular characteristic: all designs are based on 2 basic frames.

Complies with EN1176

Supplied as a DIY kit, this range is the most affordable, without compromising in quality.

Call us or email us for more information or a brochure.




The heavy-duty Hy-land components and hardware meet the highest standards and are regularly tested for strength and durability. They are weather resistant and galvanized coated.


Hy-land playground structures are carefully engineered to ensure optimum safety. All Hy-land are type-approved by TÜV Rheinland, Germany according to European Standard EN 1176-1:2008 - for usage on public playgrounds. To mark each individual final Hy-land playground as approved, Hy-land has developed this special Logo ID plate to identify with the stickers from the provided sticker-sheet.



Hy-land playgrounds are easily installed and require low maintenance. You can find all the information you need in the 4 Parts of the owner manual.
Part 1 General & Safety
Part 2 Cutting & Drilling
Part 3 Assembly                             
Part 4 Inspection & Maintenance     
For the administration of the required periodical inspection- and maintenance, a practical logbook template is provided.


Each Hy-land Project comes with a Hy-Slide™. Its mounting hardware secures this heavy-duty slide both to the 1.50m high platform and the construction site. The use of UV-resistant HDPE structural foam enables the Hy-Slide™ to withstand the rigorous use of a commercial playground.


Safer surfacing

All play equipment must be installed over a impact attenuating surface according to the European Standard EN 1176-1:2008.(e.g. rubber, mulch, sand, grass, gravel rated for a fall height ≥ 1.5 m)

Hy-land Anchor Set 
For extra safe and secure anchoring of your entire Hy-land to a non-paved construction site, additional ground anchors are available. These are designed to stabilize and secure your Hy-land playground easily. 
For paved construction sites extra anchoring hardware required: e.g. chemical anchors, expanding plugs/bolts.


What kind of timber comes with a Hy-land Project?
We use pressure treated pine wood with 10 years guaranty against wood rot and infestation.

What is the weight the slide can carry?
The maximum weight is 200 kg.
Are the Projects safety approved?
Hy-land playgrounds are all type-approved by TÜV Rheinland, Germany accorded to European Standard EN 1176 – for use on public playgrounds.

When something is broken / damaged, is it possible to order the single part?
When the client can justify improper manufacturing and is in the possession of a dated proof of purchase, the item can be returned to the store. You can send the part to Hy-land for inspection and we will replace the part free of charge. Hy-land will replace defective goods within 30 days of acknowledgement of improper fabrication.


Are all Hy-land Projects suitable for usage on commercial playgrounds?

Yes, all Hy-land Projects are type-approved and certified by an independent test organization, TüV Rheinland. When Hy-land Projects are built according to the instructions, then each Project complies with EN 1176, the European standard for playground equipment for commercial use.

Are Hy-land Projects also suitable for private use?

Yes, Hy-land Projects are also suitable for private/residential use.


We can supply installation service throughout the UK if required, but the kits come with the detailed instructions to do it yourself.

How do I determine the minimum required space for a Hy-land Project?

All of the documentation of Hy-land clearly states exactly what minimum area is required to safely place each Project; this includes the space required around the Project.

Do I need special tools to install my Hy-land Project?

Besides normal basic tools like a drill, wrench and a screwdriver, there are no additional tools required. Furthermore, specific Hy-land bits are included to simplify the installation of your Hy-land Project.

Does a Hy-land Project need to be fastened to the ground?

Anchor Sets for placement of a Project on a paved surface (with e.g. rubber tiles) are supplied. For placement of a Hy-land Project on a non-paved ground surface, additional Anchor Sets are available.


What kind of timber is suitable for a Hy-land Project?

The durability of your playground depends for a great deal on the timber you choose. Hy-land recommends softwood in accordance with the classifying grading rules as specified in the European standard EN 14081-1 and with mechanical and physical properties at least equal to class C18 as per EN 338. Active Garden supply pressure treated softwood with a 10 year anti-rot and anti-infestation guarantee.

What is the required durability of the timber to be used for a Hy-land Project?

Timber should be classified in Class 2 according to the European standard EN 350. In case wood preservatives are used, this should be according to the relevant manufacturers instructions. All sawn surfaces and ends should be treated with an outdoor preservative to prevent timber from rotting. Special attention is required for parts in direct contact with the ground surface.

Inspection / maintenance

Does a Hy-land Project need additional approval after assembly and installation?

No, all Hy-land Projects are type-approved. Additional approval after assembly by an independent, certified party is not necessary. Anyone fully responsible can take care of the Post-Installation Inspection.

What kind of inspections and maintenance are required for Hy-land Projects?

A Post-Installation Visual Inspection should be carried out in accordance with the provided owner manual. The daily Routine Visual Inspection, a monthly Operational Inspection and an Annual Inspection are required to do according to the checklists in Part 4 of the Owner Manual.

Can we alter the design of a Hy-land Project?

No. Alterations to the designs are not allowed, because they invalidate type-approval (EN 1176). Detected alterations may lead to a fine.

How long do I have warranty on a Hy-land Project?

Hy-land will give you a two-year guarantee for defects in materials or manufacturingTimber carries a 10 year anti-rot and anti-infestation guarantee.


What should I do in case of disposal?

When you take your Project out of service, remove all parts and components and dispose of safely in accordance with local disposal ordinances.


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