Playground Markings

We offer this fantastic range or playground thermoplastic markings, which are colourful and very durable! These markings will make the tarmac/concrete of your playground more colourful and also fun and educational.


We have lots of different themes to chose from, the pictures below are just  examples, we can supply educational, board games, letters, numbers, roads, traffic markings, characters, numbers and grids, trails, targets, shapes and sports markings. We can also design your school logo!

The range is very affordable compared to other markings and is very durable.
Please contact us to help you transform your playground into an exciting and  enriching play area with fun games using bright, colourful Playground Markings.
The objective is to help you create an outstanding school or nursery playground environment that stimulates exploration, fitness and social interaction for  your pupils while enriching their outdoor play.  Bespoke designs with Logo can also be created. 

These are some examples of the designs we can provide: 








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