Q. How long does it take to build a Jungle Gym Playset?

A. It does vary depending upon how many accessories are going with the system. Generally we say allow a weekend to build the frame. To read the instructions, lay out all of the tools and to make a good job out of the climbing frame rather than rushing to finish as fast as possible. Jungle Gym say that a Casa would take two people around 5-6 hours, but we think it always takes a little longer, especially if you have children around! We recommend a couple of days to build a simple system, a big combo can take 4 days.

Q. Do you supply an installation service?

A. Yes, we can recommend a team of installers that travel to pretty much anywhere in the UK creating amazing climbing frames! we request a quote on your behalf and if accept it, you pay them on the installation day. We do ask to check the timber before the installers arrive, giving us enough time to replace any damaged or missing parts. Installations start at £ 250 depending on the equipment to be installed and postcode. The installers travel from Derbyshire. They can build a tower with one module in a day, bigger structures might take 2 days.

Q. Where does the timber you supply for Jungle Gym play sets come from?

A. The timber comes from European sources where a responsible management programme is in place.They are FSC certified.

Q. Do I need planning permission for a climbing frame?

A. In general, there is no need for planning permission for play equipment in a UK domestic garden. However you should check if one of the following applies to you

a. If your neighbour has cause for complaint 
b. If you live in a conservation area, there may be specific planning regulations. 
c. You are going to build the climbing frame in your front garden 
d. The equipment is going to be within 5m of the main dwelling 
e. The equipment will take up more than 50% of your garden area. 
 f. The equipment is going to be built in a field, as it may constitute a change of use.

These are only guidelines. If in doubt do check with your local planning office.

Q. What timber do you use for the Jungle Gym climbing frames?

A. We use white pine, from forests running a sustainable management policy. It is pressure treated and comes with a 10 year anti-rot and anti infestation guarantee. It is also planed to reduce splinters and has chamfered edges.

Q. Is the timber treated?

A. Yes. all of the timber that we sell is pressure treated with either Tanalith E or Osmose Naturewood. Both of these products are water based and comply with all regulations that apply to children's play equipment, see description below.

Q. Do I need to treat the timber after installed?

A. No, the treatment will protect the timber for 10 years, however, if you choose to change the colour of the timber or the frame for aesthetic reasons, you can paint the timber with appropriate paint.

Q. How much space do I need around the climbing frame?

A. Below is the recommended safe amount to space to plan around your climbing frame.



Q. The timber has changed colour, why is that?

A. Tanalised timber will naturally weather over the months finally mellowing to a soft grey. This is caused by the effects of sun, moisture, wind and other exterior conditions, however the efficacy of the preservative continues.

Q. The timber has green spots, is this mould?

A. No, this is due to the treatment, it is not harmful and won't affect the quality of the timber.

Q. There are cracks in the timber, is that bad?

A. The timber will produce cracks that will open and close as an effect of atmospheric changes. They are not detrimental to the long term durability of the product. Tanalised timber is particularly recommended for all exterior timber applications including construction, fencing, playground equipment, climbing frames, furniture, etc. If you are worried about any particular crack in the timber you have received, please take a picture of it, including something to see the scale of the crack, and email it to info@activegarden.co.uk. We will be happy to assess the timber and replace it if necessary.

Q. Does the climbing frame need concreting into the ground?

A. Jungle Gym recommend that you concrete the ground anchors into the ground. The climbing frame "sits" on the ground, then you have to attach the ground anchors to the main upright posts and either dig them or concrete the anchors into the ground. Full instructions are supplied.

Q. If I move, can I get extra ground anchors?

A. Yes, please order them on our Accessories page, within Jungle Gym range.

Q. My climbing frame has got green mould, how can I clean it?

A. If the product is located under trees you may get a build up of green mould. This can be removed effectively with a standard figicide or detergent applied with a stiff brush. When just delivered, the timber might have green spots that are NOT mould, but is due to the treatment, they are not harmful or will affect the quality of the timber.

Q. Does the timber come pre-drilled.

A. No, however most of the fixings on the Jungle Gym playsets do not require drilling right through the system, they require a pilot hole and then drive into the timber using an electric drill. This makes the building of the playset much easier. All of the drill bits and drive bits you need to build the kit are included within the hardware set.

Q. Does the vinyl roof only come in Blue?

A. Yes, the vinyl roof is blue on the outside and green on the inside (it is not reversible).

Q. Do you sell Jungle Gym  spare parts?

A. We sell accessories and modules, but we cannot sell spare parts as they are not stocked in the UK. For spare parts such as vinyl roof, roof rods, bumper pads, screws etc, you will need to contact Jungle Gym in Holland.


Q. Can I choose the colour of the slide?

A. Yes, blue, green, yellow, pink or red are available, please choose when ordering.

Q. What is the recommended age range for the Jungle Gym play equipment?

A. The recommended age is 3-10 years old.

Q. Can you give us more information about the preservation method on the timber used in Jungle Gym equipment?

A. Yes!

Garden/play equipment timber is exposed to damp, the sun and UV rays. When in contact with the ground or exposed to fungus and insect attack, the timber is also affected. Untreated softwood is very vulnerable. Preserving softwood protects it against rot and provides a longer life span resulting in less trees being cut down which reduces the pressure on the world's natural resources.

There are various ways in which to preserve timber, the most usual being painting or staining; however this method is not an effective treatment for timber used in many applications such as floor-joists and foundation posts. In addition, some paints and stains can be very damaging to the environment. Another method is to impregnate the timber with chemicals using an impregnation receptacle; which penetrates the timber more than surface treatments such as painting or staining, but the untreated timber can be exposed through relatively shallow shrinkage cracks. The most advanced method of preserving timber is the vacuum pressure impregnation process, whereby the preservation material impregnates the timber under pressure and steam is used to fix the product which prevents the preservative leaching into the ground. The timber used for Jungle Gym play equipment uses this method and wholeheartedly endorses the criteria government and interest groups impose on timber preservation companies in general and the environmentally responsible working practices in particular.

You can rest assured that our responsible selection of timber from forests in Europe running sustainable management policies is certified according to PEFC or FSC requirements.

There is 10 years guarantee on all pressure treated garden timber. This guarantee can be offered because of the quality of timber used, the unique preservation procedure and the quality of its manufacture.

Q. Does the timber need treating after the climbing frame has been installed for a while?

A. Pressure treated timber does not require further treatment with paint or wood preservative. The Blue-Green timber colour fits perfectly in any garden concept, and is never an eye-sore. The timber can of course be painted if you wish.

Q. Can you give more information about assembly?

A. Yes, please follow this link to Jungle Gym's page for more infor and FAQs, we can also supply a file with assembly instructions samples.

Please note that the TIMBER IS CUT TO LENGTH, so please ignore the part of the video when they choose the timber in 3m lengths and cut all the pieces, that is already done for you!