Golf Bunkers Bonded Rubber Lining

This is a recycled rubber crumb, mixed with a resin binder installed in the base of golf bunkers as a liner, to reduce contamination and maintenance.

Suitable for new or old bunkers. 

Can be laid directly to the existing soil on a bunker, using a geotextile membrane.  Then a 40-50mm layer of black rubber is added and allowed to cure.

Sand is then replaced in the bunker providing you with a virtually maintenance free bunker.

Please contact us for a price. We can supply either materials only or materials and installation.


  • Prevents sand contamination with dirst, stones, etc
  • Stops burrowing animals
  • Prevents the sand washing down
  • No damage to expensive clubs
  • Minimal maintanenace
  • Labour saving solution
  • Long term cost savings
  • Seamless pourus product
  • Quick install time with minimal disruption

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