Rubber Tiles

These tiles provide a solutions for shock, heat and moisture resistance. 
These rubber tiles can be used in severe conditions due to their high durability.
Rubber flooring tiles retain their shape and characteristics for years without any change. Weather conditions (cold, warm, humid etc.) do not change the shape.
These products are durable, lightweight  and also have a high shock absorption, slip resistance to prevent injuries.
The surface of the tile prevents people's fatigue.They tiles are lighter than other material and significantly less expensive.
Rubber tiles are adhered to the floor with adhesive or the 30mm and 40mm can be joined together by dowels (supplied) to form a floating floor.
THESE TILES NEED TO BE LAID ONTO FLAT GROUND, AND CAN BE STUCK WITH ADHESIVE OR JOINED TOGETHER WITH THE DOWELS SUPPLIED WITH THE TILES. We recommend hard base such as concrete, tarmac or patio slabs for easy laying and better results.
  • Children's playgrounds and play areas, for residential and commercial use
  • Sport facilities
  • Fitness Centres, gyms
  • School playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shooting areas
  • Factories
  • etc.


30mm = 100cm

40mm = 130cm


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