Wet Pour

Wet pour is a dual layer porous system, that has a continuous finish, our wet-pour surface can be used in play areas, golf walkways, pathways and can be installed onto flat, mounted or ramped structures.

Please note that there is a minimum charge for areas up to 20m2 of £ 1800.00. Then we charge per m2, depending on location, depth of surface, colour,  amount of square metres in total, access to site, etc.


  Wetpour finished onto tarmac with our special rubber edge, creating a very neat finish.

Wet pour can be installed onto various sub bases, MOT Type 1 being the most common, but existing hard surfaces such as tarmac or concrete can be easily utilised. Hard surfacing is recommended and a PCC edging or treated timber edging will be needed. We can also cut and chase into conrete or tarmac if necessary or finish with a rubber edging which leaves a very neat edge when installed against other surfaces such as tarmac.

The base is manufactured from recycled SBR rubber crumb which is bonded using resin. This course varies in depth depending on the Critical Fall Height of the play equipment.

The top EPDM layer comes in a variety of colours. Black finish is cheaper than colours. Wet pour can form fantastic shapes by mixing the colours or appying pre-formed shapes.

wetpour system


Before and after below, to repair and revamp old wetpour, including the installation of a caterpillar with numbers.


The installation process is carried out by professional and experienced installers.

The Wet pour we supply is tested to BS EN 1177 and is laid in accordance with BS 5696: part 3. It meets all the necessary performance criteria up to a CFH of 3.2m.


Wet pour can be installed on top of existing surfaces such as concrete, tarmac or flags or we can install a sub-base in open textured macadam or type 1 MOT stone. Installing over existing surfaces can eliminate the need for groundworks but it needs to be in reasonably good condition and will need drainage holes to be drilled across the surface. Where a sub base is to be installed,  type 1 MOT stone should be used for surfaces of 40mm or thicker. In all instances, we will install an EPDM upper layer to give desired design.


Although often specified for aesthetic reasons, wetpour is, above all, a safety surface and can be specified at varying thicknesses in order to provide a range of Critical Fall Heights. In some cases, such as where the sub base is type 1 MOT stone, we recommend a minimum thickness of 40mm. When base is concrete or tarmac, we can use only a top layer when there is no or little CFH or a base layer and top layer, according to the CFH needed.

Wet Pour is generally a maintenance free product. If the porosity of the surface reduces due to a build up of grime, etc, a power hose can be used. A small area should be tested first to assess the required pressure. Specialised clearing materials can also be used. This is generally only needed if the surface is left for a period of months, under a build up of rubbish such as degrading waste paper and decaying foliage.

N.B. it is recommended that any overhanging tree branches should be cut back as far as possible to allow sunlight on to the surface. This would prevent a coating of sap or any other associated fungal growth occurring.


Available colours for top layer:

wetpour colour

wetpour colour 1


Access, location, etc are factors to consider in the cost too.